The Residents: Bad Day on the Midway - Infosite

Hello and welcome to this infosite about iNSCAPE's 1995 game "Bad Day on the Midway", which was designed and scored by The Residents and other artists such as Jim Ludtke (director and animations).

On this website, I try to collect as much information as possible. And with an unusual game like "Bad Day on the Midway", why wouldn't I?

Check out the different subpages: I collected much information on the characters and their stories that can be discovered, as well as some technical information on how to run this game on modern computers. My goal is to preserve as much information as possible for a long time, so this microsite may not be updated for a long time.

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- All screenshots, artworks and visuals of the game © 1995 Cryptic Corporation, iNSCAPE and The Residents
- "Bad Day on the Midway" and the iNSCAPE logo © 1995 iNSCAPE
- "Macromedia Director" and "Macromedia" are trademarks of Adobe Systems
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- Some information was taken from the Wikipedia article on the game, some other information from the review of the game.